Ankle injured or twisted?

I am 12 but turned 13 a couple of weeks ago and I have this very loud clicking noise that sounds like a crack but it's like the joint moves out and in sound on the front of my foot next to my ankle.

My grandma said that I twisted it but it's not that painful; only after I run around a lot it has a very small unnoticeable bump on the front.

I'm not really sure what this very loud clicking noise is and it only happens when i shake my foot or move it up and down it gets small cuts or bruises easily though.

I hope you can help.

Hello Zara,
I very clear description, well done. Generally we don't get too fussed about non painful clicking sounds from the ankle, but this does sound like something more.

Is there no pain at all?

Is sounds like the ankle mortise joint, or the subtalar joint is subluxating, and causing the crack.

Using the search function at chiropractic Help, find our alphabet exercises, and do them for a week or two several times a day. If it doesn't help, then I'm afraid you'd better ask your folks to make an appointment with a professional to check it out. Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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