Ankle Bone maybe Talus Bone

I was on the stairs and I jumped from the fourth stair and now my right foot hurts pretty badly; it's right under my ankle and above the foot area. I iced it and now I have an ace bandage. I'm currently icing it twenty minutes every other hour. I don't see any swelling but it does hurt when I walk; very bad. What should I do? I'm doing the rice method it's been eight or so hours since the injury.

It's all speculation but you have probably subluxated the ankle mortice or subatalar joint; it causes a sharp stabbing pain when walking.

Wiggle the ankle around, making the letters of the alphabet in space whilst sitting. If the pain doesn't let up in a couple days you'll need to see a chiropractor who specialises in feet. Do your homework before making an appointment; an adjustment of the spine probably won't help. Find the right person.

Dr B

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