Ankle and groin pain

by Christine Pope
(New Zealand)

My left foot is very flat and I tend to go inwards on it. In the last few weeks my ankle has been very painful and am unable to walk my usual 1hr daily walk without getting a crippling pain in my groin which is worse than childbirth.
Was wondering, could it be Achilles problem?

Hello Christine,
I doubt the Achilles tendon is directly the problem, though it's certainly not impossible.

The big question is whether the new groin pain is because of your uneven gait, or is a separate problem. Both are possible.

Lie on your back and pull your knee to the chest and move the hip in various directions, making a circle and then dropping it into the lotus position. Compare with the left hip. If it hurts in the groin or feels very stiff then you should get an x-ray of your pelvis, preferably taken standing to get an assessment of your leg length.

The foot is more difficult and, because it's long standing is not going to be 'cured'. An orthotic might help, our ankle exercises certainly would and then, what chiropractic has to offer is a short course of treatment of the foot, checking the hip and sacroiliac joints along the way, and an occasional but regular adjustment of any fixations in the foot. I needs management rather than a cure; like most chronic medical conditions.

I hope this helps.

Dr B

» Ankle and groin pain

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