ankle achilles tendon burning pain

by kamil

ankle achilles tendon burning pain

my right leg ankle achilles hurts like burning, I can't walk in the morning when I get up from my bed,after 10 minutes it becomes ok.
Thank you.

Hello Kamil,
Firstly, is the heel bone swollen and enlarged, and secondly do you have other signs of arthritis in the body? There is a condition known as "enthesiopathy" which is an inflammatory variation of rheumatoid arthritis that may affect the heel and attachment of the achilles tendon. Ask your doctor about it.

More likely, you've strained the achilles tendon and the best treatment is stretching with the knee straight (for the gastrocnemius muscle) and slightly bent (for the sartorius). See ankle exercises ...

Then, using cold hot therapy is the best way to control pain and reduce inflammation.

The underlying cause is often a fixation in one of the small joints in the ankle that has changed the way you walk. Often in the "subtalar" joint after an old sprain that wasn't well managed. See our ankle joint pain page using the Search feature.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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