angina ?

angina symptoms. went to ER, they did EKG,blood work,checked oxygen levels, chest x-ray, chest ct scan, cervical ct scan I told them about dull pain in my neck and shoulder,checked for blood clot in lung, All good. I first noticed dull pain right side of back of neck,with dull pain in rt. shoulder. Then when exercising,Pain in throat down into top of lung{right lung 1st,then left,breathing was painful, then I stopped ,felt like i could not breathe fro about 1 minute, then felt fine,This happens whenever i exert myself now, HISTORY--67 years old male,never smoked always same weight 165 lbs, worked construction, before this started could run and walked 2 miles, felt great, On the treadmill ,now, not even a 1/4 mile walk? Also ,I had whiplash accident 30 years ago,and yes ,I had issues with rt. side hand ,fingers, and nystagmus rt. eye ,and vertigo, [ all that went away about 10 years ago,} Hope this isn't too long,Thanks

A few tests:
1. Turn your head first to the left, look up, then to the right, look up, and tell me exactly what you feel.

2. Run your finger tips down the joints between the ribs and your sternum. Very tender? Lump? Where?

3. Lie on your tum, and ask someone to pressure really quite firmly quite close to the spine, starting high up near the neck, and run down to the lower ribs. Really sore or tender?

4. When you have breathing pain, where does it hurt?

Specific answers please. On a computer rather than a cellphone.

Dr B

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Mar 02, 2019

by: Barrie

Hello Andy,
I'm afraid it's not clear to me what the problem is; and of course I can't examine you.

The walking pain - deeper breathing - suggests the possibility of a rib subluxation, but the back of throat and top of lung area pain doesn't fit with that.

Bony spurs at your age are probably a normal finding - you certainly had them before this all started - but may indicate the area of the problem.

This doesn't quite fit with cervical stenosis or disc injury in the neck either; my best thought are to take your MRI and consult a local experienced chiropractor before going for surgery. Sorry not to be of more help.

Let me know what transpires.

Dr B

Feb 03, 2019
Cervical Angnia?
by: Andy

did all the tests ribs, neck, etc, no real pain or issues,I do hear crunching sounds when moving head side to side, Rt. shoulder and rt, side back of neck--dull pain when walking fast, Then ,If i keep walking, back throat pain ,into top of lung area?Walking is the main trigger,,I am seeing a Spinal doctor, MRi shows bone spurs, compressed disc, #5, he is recommending possible --2level anterior discectomy,and fusion #5,#6? just not sure if the symptoms make any sense to this cervical area? really confused,,Thanks Andy

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