Amazing Cure for numbness and nerve symptoms, returned and increased after chiro treatment

by Mark
(Dallas, Texas)

Here is the long story. I have had burning in left back hip and numbness in left thigh for many years, only on the left side; i thought it was permanent. After years of chiro visits, then last month after bending over to pick up an item from floor something strange happened and my legs felt like stilts i collapsed onto bed, later that day and weak my back developed severe muscle pain. i went to my chiro and he tried to help with muscle pain and a massage helped also.

Miracle cure. after about two weeks i noticed that the leg numbness and burning was gone, cured, i could stand for hours with no pain or numbness, amazing cure; caused by a freak incident; cured after years of symptoms. what do you think happened?

I continued my usual chiro treatments for maintenance in the six weeks that followed my miracle cure, then last week something went wrong, after the treatment my lower back had pain, not just muscular i think, and it developed into extreme numbness and tingling all along left leg and down to the toes also sometimes in the right side too, much more extensive than ever before. What happened? Three more treatments and no help. My chiro doesn't have an explanation and doesn't know how to fix it. How did the chiro treatment cause this?

he says i should continue treatments. should i continue with more chiro to maybe reverse this new symptom? or should i not get more chiro treatment? maybe damage will increase?

Hello Mark,
It's difficult to advise. It's certainly possible the treatment made you worse; remember that after the treatment your back is vulnerable and a sneeze or wrong move can aggravate things.

Are you doing back exercises every day?

Follow your instincts; perhaps a second opinion from another chiropractor is in order.

Dr B

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Aug 30, 2016
Exercise caused new SERIOUS issue
by: Mark

I looked online and maybe it is psoas, so last night I added 2 exercise that are supposed to be good for hip and psoas. BAD MOVE! One is "ice skater pose" the other is "modified horse stance" did 3reps each. Sat back on couch, 10 minutes later I feel like my underwear is irritating rt testicle, it wasn't it was a twitch, 5minutes later, boom! My penis feels an abrupt sensation in shaft near base like somebody grabbed it with 2fingers and released. It happened every few minutes, so I went to bed, it happened several times during nite, and continued as I sat at desk during today. Late tonight tried to get erection with wife, zero! Like it's dead, can feel touch, not numb. Never before had this issue. What to do now? Where to place ice packs? I assume no more exercises until it recedes. Maybe something is swelled up blocking nerve? Psoas or pudendal or sacro area,idk ??? the ice skater move was pretty significant front and back, my glutes are sore, but no other muscles are sore. Earlier yesterday and last week been doing pull the knee to thigh exercises, with no ill effects. What should I do??? I am very terrified by this ED issue, I could live with a numb thigh, but not this! Please help.

Be very wary of what you read on line, Mark, including this! I think it's time for an MRI of your back; you will probably need to see a specialist to get it. So start with your medical doctor.

Dr B

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