Alignment Specifics?

by Karen
(San Antonio, TX, USA)

I have DDD, cervical & lumbar disc protrusions with neural impingements; and a 5 degree curve of the right of my thoracic spine. Where can I find specific info which pertains to how each individual vertebra effects the alignment of all others?

Hello Karen,
Um... I'm not too sure that such exists!

Firstly, a 5 degree curve is not to be concerned about, unless you were a teenager of 13, which I presume you are not, having Degenerative Disc Disease. 5 degrees is common, almost an every day event in the chiropractic clinic.

Secondly, it's the degree of DDD that counts. Depending on your age, almost every adult over 50 gets a degree of DDD. I have it myself.

Thirdly, the nerve impingement. This is where I and you should be concerned. Particularly as you have it in the neck and low back.

What is critical is the degree of nerve impingement. This is coincidentally the subject of my next newsletter, which will go out in a day or two. Look out for it, and you can sign up at the bottom of any Chiropractic Help page.

Do you have tingling in the arm and leg? Pain? Numbness? Weakness? Can you stand on your heel and toes on one leg, can you do a few press-ups, or does one arm tire very quickly?

All I can tell you is that these are every-day events at the Chiropractic Coalface. The careful and thorough chiropractor will look for these signs and advise you accordingly. Mostly it's treatable with Chiropractic, but sometimes you might be referred to a neurologist for a second opinion.

An insert in your shoe may help with the curve in your spine.

Specific info which pertains to how each individual vertebre effects the alignment of all others? I can't give an answer to your question, I'm afraid. If you emailed me a copy of your X-rays, I could perhaps answer more intelligently. If they are on plain film, hold them up to the light and take a digi picture, and email them to me.

I hope this has contributed.

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