After treatment pain in scapular area

by Tracy

Was having pain in neck, went for an adjustment chiro. Really had pain in /near scapular area.

I went to a chiro for neck pain. I was adjusted and now have very limited movement of my arm.

Help Tracy

Hello Tracy,
There are lots of ifs and buts.

Is this a chiropractor you have consulted before? Do you feel he or she took a thorough history and a careful examination? Rushed job? In and out in five minutes?

After chiropractic treatment pain is not uncommon, but it's usually of a temporary nature, and not frequently severe.

If you know the chiropractor, then I would phone and ask to speak to him her personally. Stress the urgency. Tell what has happened.

There are a variety of possibilities. A cracked rib. Does a deep breath cause pain? A pinched nerve supplying the dorsal scapular nerve to the rhomboids and suprascapular muscles. A pinched nerve to the shoulder muscles which can also cause arm pain, and other.

Try and determine exactly which movements provoke the shoulder arm pain. Movements of the neck? the arm? breathing? other?

If you have not consulted this chiropractor before, and have absolutely no confidence in returning to him, then it's more difficult. Wait a few days and see if the pain passes over? Consult another chiropractor who comes recommended by friend or family? Perhaps a visit to your doctor?

If this is your first ever consultation with a chiropractor then there's real concern. You're not likely to visit another in the future! Then I'm afraid you have to follow your own wisdom.

I will admit to cracking 9 ribs in 33 years in practice. It happens, and one is always mortified, but the truth is the pain is severe for a week, moderate for another week or two, and then resolves completely. There are no long term repercussions.

I hope this contributes to your dilemma. Let us know how you get on.

Dr b

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