After severe diarrhoea pain in thoracic spine and in both hips.

by Leah
(Parma, Ohio)

I have Spinal Stenosis and MS. I also have disc degeneration and some arthritis. I see Pain management and therapy, but this is a new symptom. My Tramadol is not helping.

My pain has always been on my lower back. I am getting scared. Why does this pain keep rotating? What can I do? I need your help, please.

This new pain, since my attack is awful. At first my legs went numb, my fingers went numb and had a lot of pelvic pain. Thanks for any information!

Hello Leah,
Let's talk for a moment about MS. As you know it's an autoimmune disease that attacks the fatty sheath, myelin, of the nerves; thus it's called a demyelinating disease.

Not much is known about autoimmune disease, but what is clear is that the incidence is growing in leaps in bounds; in some way it's related to our lifestyle. Something we eat, or drink, or breathe or don't eat, or some radiation that we're exposed to, is playing havoc with our bodies.

If you haven't yet become a health nut, do it. It's your best chance. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, salads, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Get organic foods if you can. Be warned though, there are a lot of crooks trying to palm off ordinary foods as organic.

In particular look to the fats in your diet. Change to olive oil only, eat avocados, nuts and seeds. Enjoy fatty fish as often as you can. The best vegetable source of anti inflammatory omega 3 is freshly grounds flax seeds.

Do your best to exercises as much as you can; back exercises, swim, cycle indoor, walk as much as you are able. Don't over do it; listen to your body.

As far as your back and pelvis pains are concerned they are probably not directly related to the MS; but because of weakening muscles, and poor gait, it certainly does affect your biomechanical system too.

I'm not sure about the diarrhoea (not to worry, no one can spell it! I had to look it up myself!) It could be a bug, from the medicines you take, or a whole separate autoimmune problem. Your medical doctor will guide you. Incidently, having had a runny tum, introduce those salads and fruits slowly, not overnight. Perhaps wait until your colon has settled.

And now the hardest of all; start looking for a chiropractor with whom you click. Someone with experience and time on their hands so that they can treat you gently and thoroughly. Talk to friends and family, your doctor. Go for a consultation without treatment, and assess the person. Take your xrays with you.

Good luck. It's hard I know; but do it. Let me know how you get on in a couple months.

Dr B

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