After four knee surgeries I now having bulging disc pain in my back

After four knee surgery now having bulging disc pain in back.

In 1979 had first right knee surgery; in 1988 second surgery same right knee.

In 1992 had surgery in left knee, again had surgery in 2005 in left knee.

In 2007 had surgery on right knee. Wondering if problems with knees could be causing bulging disc in back?

Yes, anything that changes your gait will have an effect on the sacroiliac joints and your lower back; certainly the knee conditions themselves, and any side effects from the surgery will affect your gait and back.

What to do is the next question?

I would start with our lower back exercises programme; do it very faithfully, several times a day. It takes only two minutes.

If after a month, say, or if the pain begins to radiate down your leg then sooner, I would look up your local chiropractor.

Also do our knee exercises, also at chiropractic Help page on knee pain.

Bilateral knee pain is usually caused by either trauma, say in football, or obesity; if it's the latter, get the pounds off, or you'll be seriously disabled in the near future. See our Banting diet page.

Good luck.
Dr Barrie Lewis DC


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