Acute pain in right hip joint

by Sonu
(Vadodara , gujarat , india)

sex male

age 24
having acute pain in right hip and right leg.
difficulty in walking, climbing ladder ..etc

Hello Sonu,
The "hip" is technically the joint where the leg meets the pelvis, but in practice people use the the term "hip" to mean "sacro-iliac joint", or low back pain.

Firstly, go to Lower back exercises in the Navigation bar at C-H, and do the exercises very faithfully. Often.

Secondly, start putting a ice pack on the offending joint.

Thirdly, if the "Slump Test" gives you pain in the leg (use the Search this Site at C-H) then intermittent bedrest is called for a few days. Get up every hour and walk about.

Radiating pain down the leg from the back must always be taken seriously.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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