Acute nerve pain and tingling all down both arms and into hands

by Wendy
(Lynnwood, Washington)

I have had two episodes of slight nerve pain and massive tingling down both arms and into hands and fingers, mostly the last three fingers not including thumbs radiating also into the chest. Episodes last only minutes. No pain in neck or back prior.

Once, early morning while getting breakfast, second time during the night in bed.

Hello Wendy,
Frankly, I'm not sure, but what is certain is that if it happens again you should see a neurologist.

Are there any unusual signs or symptoms? Has your gait changed for example, or have you bumped into the doorway, or changes in eyesight? Unusual things?

I'm always a little anxious about garden chemicals. Do you use them a lot?

Really, this could be a 101 things, and I'm sorry, but really not sure at all.

Dr B

Going down both arms if of greater concern and what's needed is a thorough neurological examination.

I'm 61, very active gardener (own a nursery) with lots of lifting and bending. No chronic pain in neck or back. No fall or other episode prior. Neck is fully mobile with no pain in any movements.

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