Achilles pain and inflammation after sprain

Achilles pain and inflammation after sprain is a not uncommon sequela.

About a month after spraining my ankle I have resumed walking at work, which includes miles of multi terrain walking. My ankle does not seem to be hurting any longer but I have developed an irritating pain in my Achilles about 3 days after resuming work.

I did not perform physical therapy or get an MRI but the X-ray marked me clear of major fractures. Could this be a related issue to the ankle or an independently developed injury due to the weakening of my tendons?

Hello Nicholaus,
It's certainly related to your ankle injury.

If you read our ankle sprain page, use the search function to find it, you'll find that very often one or more bones in the ankle are subluxated when you twist it; in fact it's the cause of the sharp pain often felt.

That has changed your gait, and so of course other tissues are now complaining. Ignore it and you'll start getting knee or hip pain.

The posterior tibialis tendon is often injured incidentally and lies very close to the achilles. These structures need to be stretched and exercised; you'll find tips at Chiropractic Help on how to do that. But reducing any subluxated bones in the ankle is most important; it's not usually difficult provided you don't leave to too long. Look for a chiropractor with a FICS qualification; post graduate sports rating.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

» Achilles pain and inflammation after sprain

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