ac-arthritis after x-ray reopined as frozen shoulder

Remember the lower cervical spine

Remember the lower cervical spine

Respected Doctor,
My first Doctor diagnosed my condtion as acromial clavicular arthritis and asked me to do pendulum exercise and since there was no improvement, I had to consult another Doctor and now I am told it is frozen shoulder.

Does this not contradict earlier diagnosis and what can I do to solve this situation.
with regards

Good day Shiva,
It may or may not contradict your earlier diagnosis; the AC joint is the second most arthritic joint in the body, after the thumb and so, if you do have a frozen shoulder, you probably do also have degenerative changes in that little joint.

In my practice I pay great attention to the AC-joint in all frozen shoulders; it tends to be fixated and without loosening it up your shoulder will remain stiff and painful.

In fact one of the most debilitating and painful conditions in any practice; untreated the pain and disability may continue for several years. Nights are usually disturbed and dressing is a nightmare.

By using the site search function at Chiropractic Help, you'll find some frozen shoulder exercises.

But that AC-joint needs to be mobilised too, and the lower cervical spine and midback; it's a problematic condition.

Research has found no proven treatment, neither medical or chiropractic that consistently works; however, by addressing the above, I find the pain is usually halved within a month or so, but the range of motion may take a year to fully recover. Start with the exercises faithfully several times every day; do them gently.

Dr B

» ac-arthritis after x-ray reopined as frozen shoulder

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