ac joint separation type II or III

by justin
(new jersey, USA)

i had recently fell from a bike. it was a really hard fall onto my should blade. which sent me to the emergency room, the doctor suggested that i seek help from an orthopedist because I've had an Acronium and Clavicle bones where touching which was causing pain. she didn't refer to much else at all as she was a general physician.

I did a little research online myself so i came across several articles describing AC join separations and such which really sounded similar to what i was having. My main concern is the way my shoulder looks, it looks higher on one side and very different from the healthy one. i saw an article online that chiropractors can possibly easily pop the bone back into place not to entirely fix the problem but to give get the bone or bones back to its anatomical position or at least make some better visual improvement of the injured shoulder, that looks like a hump.

Hello Justin,
Ask a friend to take two photos, one from the front showing both shoulders, and the other a close-up of the offending AC joint.

AC joint sprains are common, and in fact untreated the AC joint is the second highest in the arthritis stakes, the thumb being number one.

In a grade 2 separation, there will be a distinct break in the acromion-collarbone line.

Having said that, most AC joint separations settle after a few months without surgery. It leaves a distinct bump where the ligaments were torn, allowing the dislocation, but the function returns, and there is usually minimal pain.

But either way, it may become arthritic and cause shoulder pain in the future. It will need daily simple exercise and possibly some form of treatment.

My advice is get someone qualified in sports injuries to look at it. Phone your local chiropractic association and ask for the name of a chiropractor with a FICS qualification.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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