About treatment for facet arthropathy in an amputee

by Katie
(foley al)

For a story about Hans who lost his leg aged only nine to a landmine

For a story about Hans who lost his leg aged only nine to a landmine

About treatment for facet arthropathy in an amputee

I am above the knee amputee and wear a prosthetic leg.
I had a bad fall, got an MRI and been having low back pain and hip pain ... MRI showed Bone Spurs L4-L5 and facet arthopathy L4-L5 and S1 what is usually the treatment?

Hello Katie,
I'm guessing at your age, but I'd say perhaps 40+, or 50+ if you have facet arthropathy.

Whilst you almost certainly have a modern prosthetic, did you even have one with a strap across the opposite shoulder? If so, you would have had a strange gait, in order to lift the prosthetic off the ground when walking.

That would have placed great stress on your lower lumbar spine which would have built great big spurs to stabilise your spine, and increased wear on the facet joints.

That hip is probably not arthritic but obviously the biomechanics are all crazy putting strains on the hip, sacroiliac joint and causing lower lumbar back pain ...

Chiropractic treatment for you would be no different, but your chiropractor will have to adapt his/her techniques in order to adjust your back and pelvis.

You might find these hip exercises useful but of course they were developed for a person with two normal legs, and you may have to adapt them, and certainly to think about whether they are suitable for you.

Don't go to the chiropractor with the biggest advert, Katie. Start hunting for someone who will take extra time, be able and willing to think on his/her feet. Find a good chiropractor is your next stop.

You'll have difficulty finding someone with experience in treating amputees. Rather someone willing to work with you. Be patient, it won't be easy.

I personally have only treated one amputee, Hans who lost his leg in a landmine when he was only nine. It was difficult, but we succeeded in the end. If you're interested you can read about it in my third book of chiropractic anecdotes. I hope this has contributed. If so, this is my latest book of chiropractic anecdotes, available on Amazon for $2.99! Shameless, self promotion! Stones in my Clog … Chiropractic anecdotes from the polders of Holland.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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