A year after a broken cuboid bone

by Kara
(Beggs, OK)

In September of 2015 I broke my cuboid bone whilst line dancing in wedges; stupid, I know.

I'm an avid tennis player and missed a tennis camp due to this, which was heartbreaking.

Anyway, I got myself all healed up, but now I deal with continual swelling of the ankle. I play tennis a lot and I'm a teacher so I'm on my feet a lot, not to mention I have SEVERE flat feet that hurt constantly. Should I be concerned over the swelling. It doesn't really hurt, just ugly and kind of uncomfortable. I am contemplating seeing a podiatrist but do not want to waste money if there is a home remedy or something that will pass.

Hello Kara,
Just getting out of bed is dangerous; if we weren't to do anything with potential dangers, we'd do nothing.

I would start with a new x-ray; let's see how well that has healed, what bone deformities there are and whether anything new shows up.

Part of the problem is being on your feet all the time; try and keep your ankles moving by going up on your toes regularly to keep the calf muscles contracting and relaxing; it helps the venous return from your ankle. Perhaps sit periodically for a few minutes with your foot on the desk.

You say that your feet hurt constantly, but it doesn't really hurt? Mm, not an English teacher obviously!

You'll find the alphabet exercises at one of the ankle pages.

It certainly needs an assessment.

Dr B

» A year after a broken cuboid bone

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