a torn tendon in right ankle

by Cindy

I have been dealin with a torn tendon in my right ankle. It has fuild on it and it swells so big some times that the pain is un real. The dr. will only give me 7.5

This has been going on since April of this year. and I'm so tyred of it . It hurts to walk on it.
I had a metel boot and it bothered my foot on the side of it.please tell me what i can do about this matter.

Hello Cindy,
So, I take it you didn't sprain your ankle? No trauma, just after wearing a metal boot?

For starters, I would question the diagnosis. I doubt a torn tendon would still be causing this amount of swelling and pain after six months.

Ice is the best treatment for swelling and pain, but what you really need is a second opinion. And a good thorough examination. Start hunting for a local chiropractor who specialises in working with feet.

Dr B

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