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CHIROPRACTIC HELP #22: Membership drive
April 15, 2011


At I take you on a guided tour of the human frame, in particular as it relates to the musculo-skeletal system. We look at the common place at the Chiropractic Coalface, slipped discs, arm pain, headaches... but we also poke around in less familiar corners. Pain in the groin, jaw joint pain as a cause of migraine headaches, foot pain...

I try to explore the origins of these pains that mysteriously afflict us along the way.

We also consider diet and exercise, both absolutely vital if you want to be a happy and healthy eighty. Gems from the garden like the beetroot and broccoli, the pelvic tilt exercise and of course much much more.

It's a long trail, and much is perhaps not pertinent to you at this stage. But then starting back exercises BEFORE the slipped disc and changing to legumes for protein BEFORE breast cancer does make some sense, huh!


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    ""The syndrome of low back pain with femoral neuritis is not uncommon 5 or more years after an otherwise successful L4-S1, two level spine fusion."

    Dr Hazlett M.D.

    Important tip: We will be adding more exercises to these videos of lower back exercises every month - for the shoulder, tennis elbow, neck pain...

    Until next month then,

    Dr Barrie Lewis = Dr Bernard Preston D.C.

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