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CHIROPRACTIC HELP #50: Make time for breakfast
May 07, 2017

Make time for breakfast

The American Heart Association recently reported on research confirming the importance of making time for breakfast.

The reasons given are many but amongst them that we are less likely to be obese, suffer less from depression, and our kids will perform better in school.

Welcome to this fiftieth newsletter from Chiropractic Help, and I'm sorry it's been so long since the last; a shorter format today.

Last month 562,120 pages were read; thank you for your continued support, and I'm glad you still find this complementary health site interesting, despite its provocative nature. Last month's 'consulting a locum' was a shocker.

The subject of this month's letter is equally challenging; we have a simple choice ahead of us, though deciding on better health means making some tough decisions. This time it is will you make time for breakfast, for you and the whole family? In theory that doesn't sound difficult, but it is, obviously in our overly busy world.

And then there's breakfast and breakfast; last weekend I had the pleasure of a short holiday with 15 friends and three things struck me; the meal was still rushed, mainly eaten out of a carton, devoured on the run, and how many pill boxes there were on the table.

In short the stark choice before us is to make the time to prepare and enjoy a healthy breakfast, or face the likelihood of a pillbox for the rest your life. How grateful I am that, approaching the end of our seventh decade, neither my wife or I take any medication.

A healthy breakfast gets much of the credit.

Remember that the third most common cause of death is 'iatrogenic illness.' Doctor-caused disease and the largest part by far is related to medicines; they kill an awful lot of people. 106,000 per year in the USA alone according to Professor Google.

So all of our lives we have made time for breakfast, and all meals for that matter; Hippocrates, the father of both Medicine and Spinal Manipulation recommended that we let our food be our medicine, and our medicine our food; wise words.

Recognising that there's room for a huge variation, here is how we enjoy breakfast. There are some inviolates. Let your food be your medicine

Dr Mardy's quotes of the week

Those of you who read this newsletter know that I honour the great Dr Mardy's column; you too can sign up for free. Dr Mardy's newsletter This week he begins with these stark words:

On May 11, 2001, this 49-year-old man died of a sudden heart attack while working out in a gym in Santa Barbara, California. He had recently moved from England to California to complete a movie deal for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a series of five science-fiction books that began publication in 1979 and went on to sell more than 15 million copies.

Will you let food be your medicine, so that you don't have an epitaph like that? Such a waste of a life.

You'll have to read Dr Mardy's newsletter to find out who his mystery man is.

Lower back exercises

I continue to get letters from readers who do not understand the seriousness of lower back pain, and taking on a posture I call the Leaning Tower of Pisa; it's known as an antalgia; ignored it leads inexorably on to a sciatica and high risk of surgery.

Read Joe's story... Sciatica and Pisa C2 Joe

So, if you seriously want to improve your health, make two minutes for your lower back before getting out of bed, every single morning, and perhaps twenty for breakfast.

The alternative is too ghastly to contemplate; a lifetime of back pain, umpteen visits to the chiropractor and the real possibility of surgery; and being greeted every morning, first thing, by the pillbox, with all the risk it entails, and a heart attack at 49.

Homemade bread

Probably the best single investment of my time is five minutes every morning grinding wheat and preparing the dough for our daily bread. It's a waste of time though if you don't have access to 100% wholemeal flour.

It's utterly different in every way compared to what you purchase at the supermarket.

1. All the bran, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and protein of the grain.

2. Sourdough to reduce the gluten allergy.

3. Low in salt, sugar, with zero preservatives and other chemicals.

4. Taste to die for.

Healthy flour
There's disturbing research that came out recently that the added calcium in supplements and our bread increases the risk of heart disease because the mineral is deposited in our arteries, raising blood pressure.

But calcium from your natural diet, for example your 100% wholemeal flour, doesn't do that.

Could your supermarket bread be part or all of the reason you have to take blood pressure tablets? Is granny still taking calcium supplements, instead of enjoying mineral rich food and taking a daily walk?

I make no apology for these disturbing newsletters; my aim is to help you to step up to better health.

Till next month, then... yours in better health.

Barrie Lewis DC and Bernard Preston DC!

PS. Feel free to forward this to family and friends, your chiropractor and even your medical doctor! You can support this site by purchasing one of Bernard Preston's chiropractic books. Dirt cheap on your Kindle, tablet or smartphone.

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