5th Metatarsal pain and ankle swelling when walking

by Kristen

About three years ago I sprained my ankle playing tennis. I was unable to put any weight on the ankle immediately following the accident. However, after about an hour later I could walk with pain. That evening, I ignored the pain and proceeded as usual. The next morning I was unable to use the ankle at all. I never went to the doctors but only iced the ankle enough to fit back in my shoe.

You've waited far too long, Kristen. I too don't believe in rushing off to the doctor, but three years is a long time.

A Jones fracture needs to be considered. Get an xray.

Dr B

Three years later I have started experiencing pain in the 5th metatarsal when I walk periodically. On days that I tend to walk a lot, I will sometimes have to limp and my ankle mildly swells.

I was wondering if these two symptoms are connected in some way. Also, is there any way to fix this current problem or is it just something I need to live with because of my error three years ago?

Thank you.

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