55 and suffering from hip and groin pain

by Ginny

I have been suffering for 5 years now with it getting worse; I work on my feet all day witch doesn't help. I've done physical therapy and tons of aleve and meloxicam which gave me headaches. Now I'm doing cortisone shots in both hips, problem is it doesn't last more than 4 weeks. I'm so tired of hurting, can't sleep have had such severe groan pain and not been able to work for 3 days. Then it gets better and I go around again. X ray showed arthritis and bone spurs. I am so ready for total hip replacement But my Dr just keep putting me off. What to do?

Hello Ginny,
Forgive me, but you repeatedly spelled it as "groan" pain. Yes, it is a groan.

You are too young for a hip replacement which is why your doctor is putting you off and rightly so.

There's plenty to be done, but let's start with a copy of that X-ray. Could you attach it to this page or send it to me at contact. If it's on plain film, then tape it onto the window and digiphotograph it with blue sky behind.

If it's on Cd, you may need help to send me a digital copy. Would you do that, then I can tell you whether chiropractic may be able to help you.

Meantime, lie on your back and gently pull your knee to the chest, and then towards the opposite shoulder. And then in the lotus position, still lying. What happens?

Dr B

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