3 yr severe back pain after fall down stairs.

Hi, a fall downstairs and severe lumber pain led to MRI and CT scan. Superior anterior endplate shows signs of collapse.

L4-L5 disk is mildly retropulsed and abutting thecal sac. Pain of 3 yr is severe and affects mobility. What does the results mean and why am I still in terrible pain. Thank you for your time.

Hello Lorraine,
You have had a compression fracture in your spine with accompanying injury to the disc; it's little wonder it hurts.

Do you have any pain down your leg? If not there's much hope for resolution; if there is radiating leg pain of three years' duration then it gets more difficult.

Are you doing lower back exercises every single morning before getting out of bed? If not, that's the place to start. Do them faithfully and I'll be surprised if there's no significant improvement after within a month.

Dr B

» 3 yr severe back pain after fall down stairs.

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