25 years female diabetic

by shalinivedantham

25 years female diabetic

hi sir/madam
this s shalini from india... my age is 25 yrs ... recently diagnosed as diabetic ... got married recently..not conceived yet. i am scared of getting pregnancy due to this diabetes ... i go for a brisk walk for one hour regularly... so pls suggest me in controlling diabetes...

Awaiting for ur response...
Best Regards

Hello Shalini,
Diabetes no longer holds the terrors of the past - if you follow the rules you will lead a normal life, including conceiving and pregnancy.

Are you Type I or II? If you're significantly under or overweight then it's vital to get your weight in line with a body mass index of around 25. See glycemic index and a basic carbohydrate count chart …

All diabetics must walk daily, it's the best and safest way to control your blood glucose.

It would be good to consult a nutritionist on the right foods to eat, and what to avoid.

Fear not, if you blood glucose is stable and within the normal range, you have no need to fear pregnancy. If it's not stable you need to address that first, and it's important. Badly controlled diabetics have high risk of a number of serious diseases.

Dr B]

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