1st visit

I have had pain in shoulder,elbow and wrist for about 4 years! Yes I know I should have gone for treatment a long time ago! Thought I could just work the pain out by just resting and wearing a wrist glove! Now I'm no longer tolerable as I'm getting older.

I finally went to the doctor and was given celebrex. I'm not a big fan of medicine so I scheduled a visit with a chiropractor!

The visit I felt wonderful that he listened and had eye contact! Really felt good that I was finally doing something about my aches. I'm in hopes that I'm on the right path. I want to feel good again and find lots more joy while at work......

Lovely letter, thank you. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, neither were Achen and Cologne as we say in Europe. When you're feeling better, get those T-shirts!

Seriously, four years of pain is going to take some hard work, probably some after-treatment pain, and is going to cost you a few dollars. Perhaps more than a few. Money well spent.

Thank you for your contribution.

Dr B

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