Bruised coccyx bone after bad fall - question

by Sarah Jane

Hi, your article is very informative, thanks for sharing!
I had a bad fall on the edge of tiled stairs and bruised my coxxyc bone. At first my G.P. was convinced I had fractured it however after the results came back from an x-ray it appears there is no fracture. This happened 5 weeks ago now and I am still in a lot of discomfort and still on medication etc.

But worst of all, since I fell I have an almighty constant urge to urinate. It started off mild but now (it's 2.30am) it has got so bad it keeps me awake at night with a feeling of pressure in my lower tummy. There is no burning sensation when i do pee and although my body is telling me I need to pee when I get up to go, either a tiny drop comes or nothing at all but the pressure (almost tickley) sensation is still here?! Please can you shed some light on whether you've heard of this before associated with a bad fall causing a badly bruised coccyx bone?

I'm only 28 and have never ever suffered with anything like this extremely annoying condition. Iv one child and even at my full term of pregnancy I never had this pressure sensation or urge to urinate so strongly.

It's so bad tonight that if my G.P. was open I'd get in my car and drive to the surgery now!! I feel like screaming it's that irritating!
Can't see any other reason or cause for this condition, other than the fall I had and the trauma it's caused.

Please help, appreciate any advice.

Hello Sarah Jane
Firstly, a question, then two suggestions.

When you do pee, do you have a normal stream? Can you empty your bladder? Or is it ALWAYS a trickle? If not the nerve supply to the sphincter that enables the bladder to open has been damaged. Then you will get an infection, if you can't void the bladder. Start the Kegel exercises at this site.

I recommend you go off all the meds, and hope this is just a side-effect of the painkillers. Instead use ice (see our newsletter #24), it's more effective anyway.

Immediately get one of those rings, or make one for yourself, or a kid's swimtube. You must get the pressure off the coccyx for at least a month, perhaps three.

Can you get a copy of the X-ray? Take a picture with your digi camera and attach it to this page. If it's been displaced forwards, it needs to be repositioned.

I would see a chiropractor to evaluate your pelvis. You probably upset the sacroiliac joint at the same time. A fall on the sacrum/coccyx does that, and that hopefully is the cause of your nerve troubles.

If you can't void your bladder, you should see a urologist.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

Go off all the medication, it's just possible that it's

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Feb 02, 2017
Tail bone injury
by: Anonymous

Can tailbone injury cause blood in urine? I fell on my tailbone with my 180lb son on top of me..I weigh 110.

I doubt, not directly anyway. If the coccyx fractured, may have damaged the urethra. I'd see your medical doctor sooner rather than later if it continues.

Dr B

May 21, 2016
Your Advice
by: Nina

Dear Dr. B
Thank you very much indeed for your very helpful advice. I am continuing with the exercises but now note that I should not pull both legs up into a foetal position. I do not have any pain or other bad sensations in my legs and I can walk almost normally. I do think that it is improving but. I shall certainly seek help should it continue to cause problems.
Yes, there are chiropractors in France but just not locally, unfortunately.
Thank you for giving me the confidence that I was seeking.
My thanks again.

Good, you just don't want to end up with a chronic problem, and it can go on for years.

A small correction; you can pull both knees into the foetal position, unless you have a disc injury, but not both legs together when straightened out at the knees.

Dr B

May 19, 2016
An injury above the coccyx
by: Nina

I have been reading the really helpful comments that have been posted about coccyx injuries. Seven days ago I fell backwards out of a lift and down eleven stairs. My main concern was my head which I cracked and I had bruised arms but my back was less painful at the time. I was x-rayed but not at the site of my back injury which seems to be above my coccyx. I fell heavily onto the edge of the stairs. It feels as though that part of my back is fixed.

It is painful to walk upstairs, sitting and everything else seems better now but not my back.

I live in France and cannot find a chiropractor but remembered exercises that I had been given for a lower back problem that I was successfully treated for in England. The exercise is to lie flat on the floor raising and bending each leg straight and then sideways and then both together. It has given me some relief but I wonder if this is correct for my current injury?

I would be most grateful for some advice I tend not to make a fuss and just keep gong but I do not want to cause more injury by carrying on. My thanks in anticipation and for this excellent site.

Hello Nina,
There are plenty of good chiropractors in France; they have one of the best colleges in the world.

Lifting both legs together is definitely not what I would recommend.

The area just above the coccyx is where the sacrum is found, and it has joints with the ilia and lower back which are very frequently injured. Of course, it may just be bruising of the bone.

I presume you have no pain down the leg; that changes everything.

You have hit on a good point; what is the current injury exactly? Exercises for one diagnosis are not necessarily pertinent to another.

I'm a great believer in gut feel; if after another week you are not sure that this is improving, then it's time to get professional help.

Dr B

May 16, 2016
Broken coccyx from blow to kidney?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I had a fall from my motorbike at low speed and landing directly on a raised sort of solid ground, directly on my left kidney area, with significant instant pain around the kidney lower back area.
The pain was quite acute for the first day or two but then subsided a little. However after over a week I still had reasonably strong pain in my lower left back. I went to the doctor, had X-rays and they have said I have a fractured coccyx.

I have fractured my sacrum before from a skydiving accident but this pain feels totally different. I do have some severe bruising just at the top of the "bum crack" but don't have any pain here or lower - where I would have thought I would have a lot of pain with a broken coccyx?

I also have bruising around the left flank area, just above the hip bone.

I just don't feel like I could break my coccyx from a blow to the fleshy part of the kidney area, and also have no pain a round the coccyx area - sitting gives me no pain at all around that area.
Any suggestions please?

That fracture seen on xray of the coccyx is almost certainly what is known as an "incidental finding". True, an old ununited fracture, but quite irrelevant to this new injury. Just to be sure, run your finger down from the bum crack; just before the anus press fairly hard. Is it severely painful? If not, no new fracture.

Something else has obviously happened. Just bruising is the first probability, but has anything else occurred?

Does taking in a deep breath cause pain in that lower kidney area? If so, a cracked rib is a distinct possibility. Just needs to be taped for a month.

And then there's a distinct possibility of either a fracture or subluxation of one of the lumbar vertebrae. Did your doctor percuss on the spinous processes of the lower back? Wack those bumps with a reflex hammer? The lumbodorsal area is particularly prone to fracture after a fall of this nature. Ask if you can see the radiographs. Are T12 and L1 well visualised? Were they x-rayed?

Does forward bending, to the side and backwards hurt? Do you have pain on bearing down, as in going to the toilet? It's called a valsalva, and suggestive of a disc injury.

There are really very many possibilities; but I think you're right. That old fracture of the coccyx is probably a red herring.

Good luck; let me know what comes of it. If you do write again, please copy this and paste it into a new thread of your own.

Dr B

» Broken coccyx from blow to kidney?

Mar 11, 2016
Katie fell and hurt her coccyx
by: Anonymous

I fell real bad at my drug store in front also; they came out and help me up, and checked me out. I am sore and can't sleep.

Hello Katie,
What's needed is an examination to see what damage you may have done. It could be your coccyx bone has been displaced, or even fractured. Frequently there will also be a subluxation of one of the pelvic bones.
If it's disturbing your sleep then it warrants something further than just waiting a few weeks.

Dr B

Nov 13, 2014
ladder fall
by: dee

I too fell off a ladder two days ago. At first just my tail bone here but now I feel like I need to pee all the time. I had a complete hysterectomy in 89 and even my cervix was removed. Could I have just jilted or bruised my bladder? Everything is sewed shut so what do I do?

Honest, Dee, I'm not sure. Give it a few days, and then if it continues see your GP. Some routine things need to be done, like a urine test.

If it's neurological, then it's a lot more complex and requires careful and thorough clinical evaluation.

Either way, I think the medical route is probably right for you, unless you have specific coccyx or sacroiliac joint pain.

Sometimes an internal coccyx treatment is needed, and I've no idea whether your chiropractors are licensed to do that. It's not really painful, just awkward. Take your husband along.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

Oct 26, 2011
Reply to Dr. B regarding bruised coccyx / lower abdomen pain
by: Sarah Jane

Hi Dr. B, you are so good for your valuable reply. I have an update, I was at my GP again today, he called me in after recieving the lab results back from my urine sample. There is NO signs of any infection and he has ruled out a kidney/bladder infection.
He has booked me in for a private ultrasound in the morning (?250!) as he wants to get to the bottom of it asap.
He feels it is my uterus and possibly it may be prolapsed?! I have to still continue taking the course of antibiotics as I have started them and can't stop mid course and my GP has given me a cocktail of strong painkillers. The pain I am in is unbearable.
I asked him could this be caused as a result of my accident / trauma injury when I fell and bruised my tailbone/coccyx however he says that is just a distraction and he wants to deal with it separately. I can't help but feel upset and slightly annoyed as this only came about after my fall and the impact of the fall. iv never had this discomfort or pain b4.
You asked me am I emptying my bladder, to be honest I don't know anymore.... Sometimes it's a trickle and sometimes a longer pee? But he says iv no infection which wipes that out.... Also, it doesn't sting or hurt at all when I pee.
I would appreciate any advice you have, what would your feeling be on the two illnesses being related?
I'm getting the ultrasound scan done on my Pelvis and Uterus tomorrow.
Thank you so much.

Certainly sounds like the two are connected, SJ. The advantage of the US scan is they can see whether your bladder is emptying or not. I didn't say this was because of infection. I said, if you can't void your bladder, you will get an infection. In the future.

I think an evaluation of your sacroiliac joint is important, though I can't tell you directly that it would affect the nerve to your bladder.

By the way, X-rays of the coccyx are very difficult, small thin bone in the middle of nowhere. If it remains very tender, sometimes only a CT scan can confirm, deny a fracture. But in fact, makes little difference. The fracture will heal in 6 weeks, but if the ligaments are torn, and it's been displaced, it will remain painful for months, even years. See if you can get a copy of the XR.

Go with your GP. He's ruling out something medical, and that needs to be done. Then see an experienced chiropractor to evaluate your pelvis.

Hard place you're in. Get that ring to sit on. Use ice on your coccyx.

Dr B

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